2012 Climate Change Communication Intern Biographies

Galen Hiltbrand is an undergraduate student at Georgetown University where she is studying Psychology and Environmental Studies.  Immediately after finishing the Climate Change Communication Internship Program, she studied abroad for four months in Khon Kaen, Thailand on a Development and Globalization program. At Georgetown, she is a part of the student organization Georgetown Energy, which is working to bring renewable energy to the university and surrounding community. She has also interned at the Carbon War Room and Feren Communications. Galen loves traveling, playing guitar, and horseback riding.

 Emily Long graduated from James Madison University in May of 2012. After her position in the Climate Change Communication Internship program she obtained an internship with the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal NHP as a Hydrogeologist/Natural Resources intern.  Emily plans on continuing with her current position until December 2013 when she will begin taking steps towards moving to Oregon and attending graduate school for a Masters in Environmental Studies.  Her interests are environmental policy and conservation and in her free time she enjoys hiking, mountain biking, sailing and all other outdoor activities.

 Elizabeth Murray is a PhD student in Applied Anthropology at the University of South Florida. She is also pursuing a graduate certificate in Social Marketing for Public Health. Her research explores the role of social movements in environmental and social sustainability, with a focus on agritourism, sustainable agriculture, and alternative food movements.

 Michael Randolph was the 2012 Urban Ecology Intern, working with the Center for Urban Ecology on citizen science and climate communication projects.  Michael graduated in May 2013 from Brown University with a B.A in Environmental Studies.

 Adam Robinette graduated from James Madison University in May 2012 with a B.S. in Geology. His senior research, presented at the 2012 Geological Society of America Southeastern Section Meeting in Asheville, NC, dissected the 10 meter sediment core, MD02-2560, taken from Kane Spur in the Gulf of Mexico. The purpose of the research was to use planktonic foraminifera to determine a loose paleoclimatic record to find the Last Glacial Maximum and a sediment deposition rate to current times. Adam is currently working for Shenandoah Valley Westminster Canterbury, a premier retirement community in Winchester, Virginia, as the tavern supervisor and is pursuing environmentally driven careers in Charleston, South Carolina.

 Yuejiao Zhang is originally from China, where she completed her studies in international economics and trade. She then earned her master of public policy degree at Georgetown University.  Yuejiao is interested in environmental and energy policies and wants to develop a better understanding of how these factors are included in China's current diplomatic policies.