Other Resources

National Park Service Climate Change Communication Internship Program

Since 2012, the National Park Service Urban Ecology Research Learning Alliance (UERLA) and 4C have offered an innovative internship program to support climate change education in national parks in the National Capital Region (NCR).  Read More

For Conservatives: The Energy & Enterprise Initiative (E&EI)

E&EI is a nationwide public engagement campaign led by former Congressman Bob Inglis that will explore and promote conservative solutions to America’s energy and climate challenges. Read More

For Weathercasters

Many TV meteorologists embrace the role of climate educator. We've developed a website by TV meteorologists, for TV meteorologists, where they can share their climate education
materials. Read More

For Health Professionals

Climate change poses serious threats to human health. We've developed communication primer and a PPT to help health professional communicate effectively about those health risks. Read More

Communicator of the Year Awards

This section provides a list of Communication of the Year Awards given by 4C personnel. Read More

Database of Journal Articles

Talkingclimate.org maintains a database of hundreds of academic articles relevant to climate change communication. Read More

4C PPT Presentations

This section provides selected Powerpoint presentations given by 4C personnel. Read More


This section provides links to other websites selected by 4C personnel. Read More