For Health Professionals

Climate Change Communication Primer for Public Health Professionals

In a survey we conducted with local public health officials in 2008, and replicated in 2012, over half of the nation’s public health departments reported they were already experiencing health effects from climate change, yet fewer than 10% were taking steps to educate members of their community about the risks. Over the past two years – with financial support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – we conducted research on how to effectively communicate the public health implications of climate change. The product of that research – a communication primer and a PPT designed to help public health professionals communicate effectively about climate change – is now available here at no cost. We encourage you to download and share it with public health officials in your community.

Click Here to download the communication primer. 

Click Here to download the Powerpoint presentation and view the NASA Global Warming Temperature Map movie file that accompanies it.

Data provided by Robert B. Schmunk (NASA/GSFC GISS)