Carl Botan

 Carl Botan
Research Team

Department of Communication
George Mason University


Carl Botan has more than three decades of practice and academic research experience in the fields of strategic communication and political campaigns. His current focus is on the use of strategic communication campaigns to address terrorism and other homeland security issues in both the U.S. and the developing world. In particular, he studies ways to ethically integrate strategic communication campaigns into domestic preparedness, training, and education efforts addressing both bio-terrorism and natural disasters. Carl has won numerous awards, including designation as Australia's 1998 Outstanding Scholar-Practitioner in Public Relations and the Outstanding Research Achievement Award in public relations from the International Communication Association. His best-known books are Public Relations Theory with co-author Vincent Hazleton and its recent sequel, Public Relations Theory II.


PhD, Wayne State University

Selected Publications: 

Botan, C. (2006). Grand strategy, strategy and tactics in public relations. In C. Botan & V. Hazleton (Eds.), Public Relations Theory II. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.

Botan, C. H. & Taylor, M. (2004). Public relations: State of the field. Journal of Communication, 54(4), 645–661.

Botan, C. H., & Soto, F. (1998). A semiotic approach to the internal functioning of publics: Implications for strategic communication and public relations. Public Relations Review, 24, 21–44.

Botan, C. (1997). Ethics in strategic communication campaigns: The case for a new approach to public relations. Journal of Business Communication, 34, 187–201.

Botan, C., & Hazleton, V. (1989). Public Relations Theory. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.