Jagadish Thaker

Affiliate Researcher

Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Communication
George Mason University


JT or JAGADISH THAKER is a Lecturer at the School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing, Massey University, New Zealand. His research examines ways to understand and enhance vulnerable communities adaptive capacity to climate change impacts, particularly in India. Dr. Thaker specializes in the fields of science and climate change communication, health communication, and strategic communication campaigns. He assisted Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz to conduct the first national sample survey of Indian’s climate change beliefs, behaviors, and policy preferences, and has co-authored two reports: Climate Change in the Indian Mind, and Global Warming’s Six Indias, an audience segmentation analysis.

Prior to joining Massey, Dr. Thaker was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Communication and New Media, National University of Singapore (NUS). He received Ph.D. from George Mason University's Center for Climate Change Communication. He also holds an MA in English literature from University of Hyderabad.  He has worked in All India Radio, apart from doing several odd jobs, including a newspaper boy and a call center worker .



BA ('04), Literature, History and Political Science, Nizam College, Hyderabad, India
MA ('06), English Literature, University of Hyderabad, India


Selected Publications: 

Thaker, J., Maibach, E., Leiserowitz, A., Zhao, X., & Howe, P. (In press). Role of collective efficacy in climate change adaptation in India. Weather, Climate, and Society.

Dutta, M., Thaker, J., Sun, K. (2015). Neoliberalism, neocolonialism, and communication for social change: A culture-centered agenda for the social sciences. Global Media Journal. Special Issue on Financialization, Communication, and New Imperialism.

Peter, H., Thaker, J., & Leiserowitz, A. (2014). Perceptions of changes in rainfall and extreme events among the Indian public. Climatic Change 127 (2). doi: 10.1007/s10584-014-1245-6

 Thaker, J., & Leiserowitz, A. (2014). Shifting discourses on climate change in India. Climatic Change 123 (2). doi: 10.1007/s10584-014-1059-6

Kostadinov, K., & Thaker, J. (2013). Sustainable development and climate change: Beyond Rio+20. In J. Servaes (Ed.), Sustainable development and green communication. Asian and African perspectives. Hong Kong: Palgrave MacMillan.

Thaker, J (2013). Constructing culture of science: Communication of science in India and China (Book review). Science Communication 35 (4), 539-540. doi:10.1177/1075547013492433