Jenell Walsh-Thomas

Jenell is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy (ESP). Her dissertation research is focused on the usage of metaphors in climate change communication as an explanatory tool. During her doctoral studies she was a graduate research assistant in 4C initiating and supporting the Climate Communication Consortium of Maryland and was also a graduate teaching assistant for environmental science labs and a new environmental communication course in ESP. As the co-coordinator and intern mentor for the 4C and National Park Service for two years, she helped manage the 4C/NPS partnership, mentored interns in the completion of a variety of summer park climate communication projects, and developed and disseminated a NPS-wide climate change communication guidebook for park rangers. She is currently a graduate research assistant in the Office of the Provost working on a project related to the improvement graduate programs and university policies at GMU. Prior to her doctoral studies, Jenell attended Marist College (2010) where she double majored in Environmental Science and Environmental Policy and minored in Mathematics. She obtained a Master’s degree in Earth Systems Science at GMU.

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