Creating a Common Climate Language

The National Research Council has observed that climate science is progressing well, but the use of science in decision making lags far behind. Given the high stakes involved, it is imperative that we improve the exchange of information between scientists and public stakeholders. Here, we suggest three steps that would advance the public’s decision-making capacity... Download…
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This Year in Copenhagen-Maibach Editorial

… The wellbeing of humanity over the next millennium may will rest on our nearterm ability to produce clear assessments of the risks and equally clear explanations of our options for managing those risks, to heighten public engagement in the issue and strengthen public commitment to dealing effectively with the threat, and to advance effective…
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Global Warming’s Six Americas, 2009: An Audience Segmentation Analysis

Click Here to Download the Full Report. In our report Global Warming's Six Americas, 2009, we identify and profile six distinct groups of Americans based on their Climate Change beliefs, attitudes, risk perceptions, policy preferences, behaviors, barriers to action, motivations, and values. We invite you to download and read the full report and the Yale/Mason Six…
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