Monthly Archives: April 2011

Audience Segmentation as a Tool for Communicating Climate Change: Understanding the Differences and Bridging the Divides

Communicating climate change to 300 million national park visitors each year represents both an enormous challenge and an opportunity for the National Park Service. Informal and formal audience assessment techniques allow communicators to develop strategies and messages that are tailored to certain subsets of the population, or crafted to resonate with all groups, thereby increasing…
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A Rose By Any Other Name? What Members of the General Public Prefer to Call “Climate Change”

Unlike many other environmental problems, the terms used to describe the phenomenon of increasing atmospheric concentrations of anthropogenic greenhouse gases are many, with multiple and sometimes conflicting meanings. Whether there are meaningful distinctions in public perceptions of “global warming,” “climate change,” and “global climate change” has been a topic of research over the past decade.…
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