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___ XX, 20XX
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___ XX, 20XX
George Mason University has made a commitment to address global climate change and committed tonet-zero greenhouse gas emissions. In 2007, Mason committed to becoming climate neutral by 2050 and in 2017 reaffirmedits climate commitments by signing the We Are Still In pledge. Mason is interested in the best way to utilize its existing assetsto achieve goals of:
•Reducing energy costs, energy usage, and CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions
•Providing new learning opportunities for students
•Increasing resilience and supporting innovation
The objective and intent of this Request For Information is to acquire information from qualified sources to provide the goods/services described in Section III, Information Requested. George Mason University (“Mason”) will review all information submitted and use that information to help formulate a formal Invitation For Bids (IFB) or Request For Proposals (RFP). No award will be issued as a result of this Request For Information. This is a fact-finding exercise only and there is no formal university initiative to approve or fund a project. Furthermore, firms submitting information in response to this request cannot be shown any favoritism should a formal solicitation be issued.

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