Climate Matters: A Comprehensive Educational Resource Program for Broadcast Meteorologists

Sep 4, 2015 | All Categories, Climate Matters, Journal Articles

Global climate change is influencing the weather in every region of the United States, often in harmful ways, and these impacts are projected to become more severe over the coming decades. Increases in extreme weather events, and changes in local climate, can have important consequences for human health and safety, agriculture, water resources, transportation, energy supplies, and the resilience of ecosystems. Yet, most Americans view climate change as a threat that is distant in space (i.e., not here) and time (i.e., not now). Whether they recognize it or not, members of the public, policymakers, business managers, and other professionals make important climate-dependent planning decisions (e.g., where to purchase a home, how to ensure the adequacy of water supplies, or how to power a manufacturing plant that is slated for renovation). To manage risk and avoid harm, it is imperative that these decisions be made with the best possible understanding of changing climatic conditions. Download the Article Here.