Emerging Resiliency Education Mapper (EREM)

Nov 17, 2020 | All Categories

The Emerging Resiliency Education Mapper (EREM) is a web application tool for visualizing emerging resiliency education courses offered by higher education institutions partnered with the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE).

Prospective Students are welcomed to use this tool to browse resiliency courses. Click on any point on the map to reveal the list of courses each NCSE member higher education institution offers and click the “Filter Courses by Description” in the top left corner of the tool to filter by the academic discipline the course most closely falls under.

NCSE staff, partners, and collaborators have the ability to use this tool as a starting point for assessing how higher education institutions can prime themselves to meet their community’s resilience needs. Using the toggle switch in the upper right-hand corner, users have the ability to view layers of analysis including:

  • CRSI Score: a Jenks natural breaks classification choropleth of EPA’s Climate Resilience Screening Index (CRSI). CRSI scores define an area’s community resilience with more resilient communities scoring higher on the index. Zoom in and hover over areas in the map to reveal the associated county name and CRSI score in the bottom right of the tool.
  • Zones of Course Impact: a choropleth of calculated weighted kernel density using the course, course relevancy weight, and a zone of indifference parameter set to 330 miles with the assumption that graduates stay within this radius and impact of workforce development courses offered to graduates decays outside of this zone. Darker green on the map indicates areas with high resiliency workforce development.
  • Combined CRSI and Education Metric: a choropleth combining both the CRSI Score metric and the Zones of Course Impact calculation. The choropleth spectrum shows areas where resiliency workforce development needs more priming (red) to areas that doing relatively better (green) in their resiliency status and workforce development.

See the Pen Emerging Resiliency Education Mapper (EREM) by mahmed8 (@mahmed8) on CodePen.

For more information, please read our technical paper here