4. Who is Responsible for Action on Global Warming?

Oct 20, 2021 | All Categories

Politics & Global Warming, September 2021

4.1. Seven in ten registered voters want corporations and industry to do more to address global warming. Most also want more action from citizens and government.

Across party lines, registered voters say corporations and industry should do “much more” or “more” to address global warming (73% of all registered voters; including 94% of liberal Democrats, 87% of moderate/conservative Democrats, 71% of liberal/moderate Republicans, and 38% of conservative Republicans).

Half or more registered voters, including large majorities of both liberal and moderate/conservative Democrats and about half or more liberal/moderate Republicans, say citizens themselves (69%), the Republican Party (66%), the U.S. Congress (64%), their local government officials (61%), the Democratic Party (60%), their governor (60%), the media (59%), President Biden (58%), and they themselves (55%), should do more.

About six in ten liberal/moderate Republicans (61%) say their party (the Republican Party) should do more to address global warming, while only about one in four conservative Republicans (24%) say so. Large majorities of both liberal Democrats (90%) and moderate/conservative Democrats (76%) say their party (the Democratic Party) should do more.


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