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2012 Articles

Public Perceptions of NASA and other Federal Agencies’ Climate Research

The following two reports are from a national study conducted to measure the public's trust in the general and climate science conducted by NASA and other members of the United States Global Change Research Program.   The first report, 2012- Public Perceptions of...

Knowing Our Options for Setting the Record Straight, When Doing So is Particularly Important

Like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Disney’s Fantasia, many people in today’s society are experiencing a rapidly rising tide. Our rising tide—which can feel at times like a tidal wave—is composed of information, rather than water. Much of the information is true and...

Perception of Federal Agencies that Conduct Climate Change Research

This report contains results from a nationally representative survey of American adults conducted in April and May 2012. The survey examined public beliefs about federal agencies that are engaged in climate change research, and assessed which agencies the public looks...

“Fracking” in the American Mind: Americans’ Views on Hydraulic Fracturing in September 2012

In our September 2012 Climate Change in the American Mind survey, we asked respondents to answer a series of questions about hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking" as the process is commonly known. This issue has proven to be very controversial in the U.S. and elsewhere...

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