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Public Knowledge, Behaviors & Preferences about Energy & Transportation: A Maryland Statewide Survey, Fall 2016

Marylanders, especially Millennials, want to see increased use of renewable energy sources in the state. One-half of all residents are willing to pay more each month on their electricity bill in order to purchase 100% of their electricity from wind or solar. More than...

Maryland’s Catholics Say Climate is a Health Risk to their Communities and Support State Climate and Energy Policies: September 2015

On September 22, Pope Francis flew into Maryland’s Andrews Air Force Base for a 3-day visit to Washington, D.C., marked by his address to the U.S. Congress and a public rally in support of his June encyclical on the environment. The same week, George Mason University...

Public Health, Energy and Climate Change: A Maryland Statewide Survey, Fall 2015

For the past three years, we have been asking Maryland residents questions about their understanding of the effects of energy choices and climate change on their health and that of their communities. Marylanders recognize environmental risks to their health, including...

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