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Faith, Morality and the Environment: Portraits of Global Warming’s Six Americas

Recent months have witnessed an evolution in public discourse on global warming. Typically discussed in the news media as a scientific, environmental or political issue, global warming is being reframed as a moral and spiritual issue by religious leaders – most...

The Francis Effect: How Pope Francis Changed the Conversation about Global Warming

Given the Pope’s stature as a global religious leader, and the large number of Catholic Americans, we decided to assess whether the Pope’s teachings have had an influence on Americans’, particularly Catholics’, understanding, opinions, and dialogue about climate...

Maryland’s Catholics Say Climate is a Health Risk to their Communities and Support State Climate and Energy Policies: September 2015

On September 22, Pope Francis flew into Maryland’s Andrews Air Force Base for a 3-day visit to Washington, D.C., marked by his address to the U.S. Congress and a public rally in support of his June encyclical on the environment. The same week, George Mason University...

Climate Change in the American Christian Mind: March 2015

Many Americans draw, at least in part, upon their religious beliefs to guide their understanding and interpretation of climate change causes, impacts, and solutions. This report examines the global warming beliefs, risk perceptions, policy preferences, and related...

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