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U.S. Media Reporting of Sea Level Rise and Climate Change: Coverage in National and Local Newspapers, 2001-2015

We turned our attention to the news media to see how much reporting on sea level rise has occurred in comparison to climate change from 2001-2015 in four of the largest and most prestigious U.S. newspapers—The Washington Post, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times,...

Promoting Community Involvement and Opinion Leadership in Protection of the Salt Marshes of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge: An analysis of audience and program participant surveys conducted for Pickering Creek Audubon Center

The research conducted for this report is intended to benefit the development of Pickering Creek Audubon Center’s outdoor experiential “Salt Marsh Stories” program at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. All four focal audiences—Audubon, higher education, and faith...

Adapting to Climate Change & Sea Level Rise: A Maryland Statewide Survey, Fall 2014

Highlights of this survey, which was released by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and conducted in conjunction with George Mason University and the Climate Communication Consortium of Maryland, include findings that almost three-quarters of Marylanders...

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