Neha Gour

Neha Gour is a Graduate Teaching Assistant and a Ph.D. student in Health Communication at George Mason University, Virginia. Her research interests are at the interface of misinformation, global health, and climate change. Neha is an ardent believer that misinformation is the most significant global threat affecting collective decision-making and societal behavior. Neha’s current research focuses on building empirical evidence to determine the causes and effects of misinformation. She actively uses her academic research to guide policy reforms in the new media domain and advocates for a misinformation-free world through media literacy programs.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Neha has five years of work experience as a communication and knowledge management professional. She has led public engagement projects at leading policy research think tanks, government bodies, and international agencies in India including—Imagine Panaji Smart Cities in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Oxford Policy Management India, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, Centre for Policy Research, Centre for Civil Society, UNESCO, and Ministry of Education, Government of India.