Our Climate Change in the American Mind polling data shows there has been a large increase in public concern about climate change over the past 5 years. Americans who understand that global warming is happening outnumber those who think it is not by a ratio of more than 6-to-1. And, for the first time in 2021, a majority of Americans (52%) say they have personally experienced the effects of global warming.

Our Climate Matters in the Newsroom program (in partnership with Climate Central and others) is now helping more than 1,000 local TV weathercasters—nearly half of America’s weathercasters—to educate their viewers about the local relevance of global climate change.

Our Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health grew to 37 member medical societies—that collectively represent 70 percent of all physicians in the U.S. Our recommendations for advancing equitable climate and health solutions through federal programs—made to the Biden Administration and to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services—found purchase, including in the creation of the new DHHS Office of Climate Change and Health Equity. We also helped develop the Healthy Climate Prescription—national policies necessary to protect human health and our climate—which was endorsed by more than 600 health organizations worldwide and delivered to heads of state and their delegates at COP26 in Glasgow.

Our engagement initiative for Republicans, by Republicans—republicEn—continues to attract and activate conservative Americans concerned about climate change. Dozens of events, podcasts, conversations and collaborations have grown the republicEn community to nearly 13,000 people.

Our climate communication internship program hosted in partnership with the National Park Service graduated an outstanding cohort of interns and launched a new website, which curates the climate communication products and toolkits developed by interns over the life of the program.

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