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American Voters Support Climate Action

As CNN holds a candidate forum on climate change this evening, we are pleased to release the results of a new national survey finding that registered voters in the United States have deep concerns about climate change and want the government to take action. Voters support policies to reduce carbon pollution and protect Americans from…
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Michigan Voters Support Climate Action

Ahead of the Democrats’ second presidential primary debate in Detroit, a new survey finds Michigan voters have deep concerns about the impacts of climate change and the quality of their state’s environment and infrastructure. Democratic voters in Michigan say climate change is one of the most important issues they’ll consider when deciding whom to support…
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Who is willing to pay more for renewable energy?

CLIMATE NOTE BY Matthew Goldberg, Seth Rosenthal, Abel Gustafson, John Kotcher, Edward Maibach, and Anthony Leiserowitz July 15, 2019 In our December 2018 Energy in the American Mind report, we found that a bipartisan majority (85%) of American registered voters support requiring electric utilities to transition to renewable energy, even though only 38% think that wind and solar cost less…
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