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Politics & Global Warming: May 2017

A majority of registered voters – including large majorities of liberal, moderate and conservative Democrats, Independents, and nearly half or more of liberal and moderate Republicans – want corporations and industry, citizens themselves, the U.S. Congress, President Trump, and their own members of Congress to do more to address global warming. Download the Report Here.
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Climate Change in the American Mind: May 2017

This report finds that More than half of Americans believe that climate change is mostly human caused. That’s the highest level measured since our surveys began in 2008. By contrast, only 30% say it is due mostly to natural changes in the environment, matching the lowest level measured in our November 2016 survey. Download the Report Here.
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High risk US policy on climate change

As a family medicine physician, a health policy expert, and now as Director of the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health, Dr. Mona Sarfaty is uniquely qualified to comment on the health implications of recent White House Executive Order rescinding, revising and reviewing regulatory decisions and authorities of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)…
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