Climate Notes

Changes in Awareness of and Support for the Green New Deal

Republican support for the Green New Deal decreased dramatically in four months. From December 2018 to April 2019, public familiarity with – and support for – the Green New Deal shifted dramatically. In particular, Republicans now say they are both much more familiar with the proposal and much more opposed to it. Opposition to the…
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Takin’ It to the Mall: Consumer Activism on Global Warming

In our published scientific article: The consumer as climate activist, we found that Americans are more likely to engage in consumer activism than political activism to combat global warming, and it’s on the rise. Yet most Americans don’t realize that consumer activism can influence companies. And even those that do seek to influence companies are…
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Is There a Climate “Spiral of Silence” in America?

Most Americans say global warming is personally important to them, but don’t talk or hear about it much. Our surveys have repeatedly shown that most Americans are interested in the issue of global warming and consider it personally important. Our studies, however, have also shown that for most Americans, climate change is not a common topic of conversation…
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