Communication about Sea-Level Rise: Messages (and Process)

Millions of people globally may be below sea levels or subject to recurrent flooding by the end of the century. As communities seek to prepare for the rising waters, they are starting discussions about what to do and when. In this presentation for a NOAA Climate Adaptation for Coastal Communities workshop, we divide the process…
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Using Social and Behavioral Science as a Tool for Biodiversity Conservation

The everyday choices and habitual behaviors of the world’s 7 billion people endanger global biodiversity. In this presentation to the 2015 Ontario Biodiversity Summit, we summarize how social and behavioral science can be used as a tool for biodiversity conservation. Download the Presentation Here. Citation: Akerlof, K. (2015, May 15) Using social and behavioral science as…
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Communicating Uncertainty

Communicating uncertainty to lay audiences and policymakers is a recurring challenge for scientists. In this presentation for a 2015 NOAA OAR-NMFS Modeling Uncertainty Workshop, we review the ways that social science can inform decisions about what and how to communicate uncertainty. Download the Presentation Here. Citation: Akerlof, K. (2015, April 14). Communicating uncertainty. NOAA OAR-NMFS Modeling Uncertainty…
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