Voters in Upcoming 2020 Primary States Support Climate Action

As the Democratic presidential primary gets underway, a new survey finds voters in the 26 states with Democratic primaries and caucuses between February 22 and March 17, 2020, support a range of policies to expand renewable energy and address the impacts of climate change, from infrastructure to air quality, and they want their elected officials…
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Climate Activism: Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behaviors- November 2019

Drawing on a nationally representative survey (N = 1,303; including 1,114 registered voters), this report describes how Americans view climate activism – including their views of public activists, their sense of efficacy about climate activism, and the activism behaviors they are taking or would consider. full report
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Politics & Global Warming: November 2019

These and many other interesting findings, including changes in public climate change beliefs, risk perceptions, and policy support broken out by political party, along with the survey methods, are available in the full report on our website.
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