CCAM Report

Climate Change in the American Mind: November 2016

In the wake of a contentious U.S. election and despite the election of a president who has publicly described global warming as a hoax, Americans are increasingly sure global warming is happening, according to our latest national survey conducted after the presidential election (Nov-Dec 2016). The report includes many other interesting results, including measures of public feelings of…
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Climate Change in the American Mind: March 2016

Since spring 2015, the number of Americans who think global warming is happening has increased by seven percent.  70% now say it’s happening.  This figure nearly matches the highest level we’ve measured (71%) since we began conducting our surveys in November 2008. Worry about global warming is also on the rise, with a larger majority (now at 58%) saying…
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Race, Ethnicity and Public Responses to Climate Change

In this report we examine public support for climate change and energy policies among different racial and ethnic groups. We find that in many cases, minorities are equally as supportive, and often more supportive of national climate and energy policies, than white Americans. Click Here to Download The Report
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