Politics & Global Warming: November 2016

Against the backdrop of the incoming administration of President-elect Trump and a new Republican Congress, our latest national survey, conducted shortly after the election, finds that, across party lines, 69% of registered voters say the U.S. should participate in the international agreement to limit global warming, compared to only 13% who say the U.S. should…
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Perceptions of Community Resilience: A Maryland Community Pilot Study, 2016

This study represents a partnership with many individuals and organizations—including the City of Baltimore’s Office of Sustainability and Prince George’s County Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative—to increase engagement with residents on building resilience in neighborhoods in two areas of Maryland that are at high risk from climate-related environmental changes and that have historically been underserved. The research was…
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Public Perceptions of Climate Change: A Maryland Statewide Survey, Fall 2016

Maryland’s Millennials lead older generations in their certainty that climate change is happening, understanding of human causes, and concern over its effects. More than three-quarters of all Marylanders (77%) say they believe climate change is happening; 89 percent of Millennials say the same. A majority of state residents say climate change should be a high or very…
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