Climate Change in the American Mind: November 2019

A majority of Americans are "extremely" or "very" sure global warming is happening, outnumbering those who are sure it is not happening by more than 7 to 1. The percentage of Americans who are sure global warming is happening (52%) is the highest since our surveys began and has increased by 14 percentage points over…
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Georgia Voters Support Climate Action

With our partners at Climate Nexus and Yale University, we are pleased to share the results of a new poll of registered voters in Georgia, ahead of the next Democratic presidential candidate debate this Wednesday. We find that Georgia voters support a broad array of policies to address climate impacts and increase production of renewable…
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American Voters Support Climate Action

As CNN holds a candidate forum on climate change this evening, we are pleased to release the results of a new national survey finding that registered voters in the United States have deep concerns about climate change and want the government to take action. Voters support policies to reduce carbon pollution and protect Americans from…
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