Race, Ethnicity and Public Responses to Climate Change

In this report we examine public support for climate change and energy policies among different racial and ethnic groups. We find that in many cases, minorities are equally as supportive, and often more supportive of national climate and energy policies, than white Americans. Click Here to Download The Report
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Global Warming’s Six Americas, 2009: An Audience Segmentation Analysis

Click Here to Download the Full Report. In our report Global Warming's Six Americas, 2009, we identify and profile six distinct groups of Americans based on their Climate Change beliefs, attitudes, risk perceptions, policy preferences, behaviors, barriers to action, motivations, and values. We invite you to download and read the full report and the Yale/Mason Six…
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Climate Change in the American Mind: March 2009

In September and October 2008, a research team from Yale and George Mason Universities conducted a nationally representative survey of 2,164 American adults. The survey found that concerns about the economy dwarfed all other issues with global warming ranked 10th out of 11 national issues. Many Americans said that the United States should act to…
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