The Consensus Handbook

Numerous efforts are currently underway to confuse the public about the scientific consensus on human-caused global warming. Various opponents of climate action have submitted legal briefs in a court case over climate change-related costs, attacking the 97% consensus. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt continues to look for ways to ignore or undermine the scientific consensus. And…
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The Health Benefits of the Clean Power Plan: A Toolkit for Health Professionals

The objective of this toolkit is to highlight how climate change is currently affecting health and what prevention/preparedness actions we can take to help mitigate the negative health outcomes associated with it. Actions to reduce emissions of carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases that accelerate climate change will protect human health in both the short…
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Conveying the Human Implications of Climate Change

There is now widespread agreement among climate scientists that the earth is warming as a result of human activity, primarily due to rising levels of carbon dioxide and other heat trapping atmospheric gases created by burning fossil fuels. It is also clear that current trends in energy use, development, and population growth will lead to…
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