Nabanita Borah

Nabanita Borah is a post-doctoral research associate at George Mason University with expertise in Indian summer monsoon and its extended range prediction. Her PhD research is to develop a non-linear pattern recognition technique called Self-Organizing Map (SOM) based prediction system and a multi-model ensemble forecasting system for the probabilistic extended range prediction of Indian summer monsoon 3-4 pentads in advance. She was involved in developing a method to bias-correct and downscale the CFSv2 model generated extended range forecast of Indian summer monsoon rainfall.

She has developed interests in communicating the scientific outputs with the common people, especially the people in developing countries by transferring the scientific knowledge to the general public. Recently, Nabanita is  working with Dr. John Cook, Research assistant professor at the Center for Climate Change Communication, George Mason University, on  misinformation-based learning.

She is also working towards the empowerment of the under-privileged students of her homeland, Assam, India.


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