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Sammi Tuckerman

Sammi Tuckerman is a PhD student in Communications, a Graduate Teaching Assistant, and a Researcher at the Center for Climate Change Communication (4C).  Sammi earned her MS from The Ohio State University in Environmental Science with an emphasis on Public Health.  Her research interests broadly include science communication and science education.  In the past she…
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Gina Fiorile

Gina Fiorile is a graduate student at George Mason University studying Science Communication. She is a former Graduate Research Assistant for the Center for Climate Change Communication's Program on Climate and Health. In 2019, she was a Graduate Lecturer in the Communication Department at George Mason University and now works with the U.S. Geological Survey's…
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Shaelyn Patzer

Shaelyn Patzer is a PhD candidate at George Mason University, specializing in science, climate, and strategic communication. She has nearly a decade of experience working as a science communication practitioner in both academic and governmental organizations, including the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Park Service. Her research interests include climate journalism, practical application…
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