Program on Climate & Health

Climate change is harming the health of Americans—and people worldwide—yet our research found that most Americans are unaware of these health harms. Through our program on climate and health we collaborate with other organizations to increase awareness of the health harms associated with climate change, air pollution and fossil fuel use, and raise awareness of the health benefits of climate and clean energy solutions.


In partnership with leading American medical societies, we organized and coordinate the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health. Currently composed of 29 medical societies and 53 affiliate organizations, the Consortium works to inform the public and policymakers about the harmful health effects of climate change on Americans, and the immediate and long-term health benefits associated with decreasing greenhouse gas emissions (i.e., heat-trapping pollution) and other preventive and protective measures.

To facilitate the medical community’s awareness-raising efforts, the Consortium brings together associations representing over 600,000 clinical practitioners.


Recognizing that the health impacts of climate change disproportionately impact our most vulnerable populations, the Health and Climate Solutions team is partnering with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to advance health equity through climate solutions. While RWJF is helping to build a Culture of Health, climate change presents threats to any vision of a healthy future. We seek to elevate the stories of communities across the United States that are improving health and addressing climate change in equitable ways. To learn more, visit the Health & Climate Solutions website.

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