Program on Climate & Health

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Research shows that most Americans are not familiar with the health risks of climate change despite authoritative reports describing adverse health effects that may be found at this time in the United States, associated with the regional environments in which people live. The Program on Climate and Health collaborates with multiple partners to increase the awareness of the health harms associated with climate change and the health benefits of climate change solutions. We assess knowledge, experience, and policy preferences, and develop resources to build the capacity of our partners for educating their members, the public, and policy makers to prevent health harms from climate change and advance policy solutions.

The Program on Climate and Health helped convene the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health, with a mission to inform the public and policymakers about the harmful health effects of climate change on Americans, as well as about the immediate and long-term health benefits associated with decreasing greenhouse gas emissions (i.e., heat-trapping pollution)  and other preventive and protective measures. Visit the Consortium site for more information and resources.


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