March for Science 2017

To the best of our knowledge, the 2017 March for Science was the largest ever public demonstration on behalf of science. What motivated so many people to show their support for science last spring by taking to the streets? Mason 4C researchers Teresa Myers, John Kotcher, John Cook, Lindsey Beall, and Ed Maibach had the…
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An eye tracking approach to understanding misinformation and correction strategies on social media: The mediating role of attention and credibility to reduce HPV vaccine misperceptions

This study uses an unobtrusive eye tracking approach to examine understudied psychological mechanisms—message attention and credibility—when people are exposed to misinformation and correction on social media. We contrast humor versus non-humor correction strategies that point out rhetorical flaws in misinformation regarding the HPV vaccine, which was selected for its relevance and impact on public health.…
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Americans increasingly understand that climate change harms human health

John Kotcher, Edward Maibach, Seth Rosenthal, Abel Gustafson, and Anthony Leiserowitz The U.S. National Climate Assessment conducted in 2018 concluded that climate change is already harming people and communities across America. For many Americans, the most personally relevant climate impacts are the significant risks it poses to their health. As the climate continues to warm,…
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