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The Health Benefits of the Clean Power Plan: A Toolkit for Health Professionals

The objective of this toolkit is to highlight how climate change is currently affecting health and what prevention/preparedness actions we can take to help mitigate the negative health outcomes associated with it. Actions to reduce emissions of carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases that accelerate climate change will protect human health in both the short…
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Politics and Global Warming: Fall 2015

This report focuses on how Americans (registered voters) across the political spectrum–Democrats, Independents, and Republicans and liberals, moderates, and conservatives–view global warming and how they think citizens and government should address it. Consistent with prior surveys, we find that Democrats are more likely than Republicans to be convinced that human-caused global warming is happening, and…
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Marylanders’ Attitudes and Policy Preferences on Climate Change

With data from a yearly statewide public opinion survey on climate change, energy, and public health we have developed a profile of the knowledge, attitudes, and policy preferences of Marylanders. In this presentation to The Nature Conservancy MD/DC Chapter, we provide an overview of Marylanders’ public opinion. Download the Presentation Here. Citation: Akerlof, K. (2015, Dec. 10).…
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