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Climate Change in the American Mind: November 2019

A majority of Americans are "extremely" or "very" sure global warming is happening, outnumbering those who are sure it is not happening by more than 7 to 1. The percentage of Americans who are sure global warming is happening (52%) is the highest since our surveys began and has increased by 14 percentage points over…
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Michigan Voters Support Climate Action

Ahead of the Democrats’ second presidential primary debate in Detroit, a new survey finds Michigan voters have deep concerns about the impacts of climate change and the quality of their state’s environment and infrastructure. Democratic voters in Michigan say climate change is one of the most important issues they’ll consider when deciding whom to support…
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Florida Voters Support Climate Action

Among Florida voters, climate change is politically salient. Seventy-one percent of Florida voters overall and 85 percent of Florida Democrats say they support government action to address climate change. This report is based on findings from a survey conducted by Climate Nexus in partnership with the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (climatecommunication.yale.edu) and the George…
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