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Promoting Community Involvement and Opinion Leadership in Protection of the Salt Marshes of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge: An analysis of audience and program participant surveys conducted for Pickering Creek Audubon Center

The research conducted for this report is intended to benefit the development of Pickering Creek Audubon Center’s outdoor experiential “Salt Marsh Stories” program at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. All four focal audiences—Audubon, higher education, and faith and business communities—have individuals who rank highly on conservation communication and civic leadership. Communication leadership promoting conservation is the highest among…
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Photojournalism as a Vehicle for Public Engagement with Climate Change

The power of photographs to engage the public with multifaceted, complex issues of global scope such as war, hunger, and terrorism has been widely discussed and researched by media and social studies. However, all too often images accompanying "environmental" stories in the news are chosen according to worn out stereotypes of nature, whereby the image…
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