Post-Doctoral Researcher

Brittany Bloodhart brings a Social Psychology and Women’s Studies background to her postdoctoral position at the Center for Climate Change Communication.  She is interested in the reasons people choose to engage or not engage in social issues such as climate change and the ways they may psychologically justify their behaviors and beliefs.  Brittany is currently working with many of Virginia’s TV meteorologists to spread climate change information to the public through local weather forecasts, and with the Energy & Enterprise Initiative to better understand Republicans’ attitudes and responses to messages about climate change.  She is also working with others at 4C on creating policy-relevant research and communicating the need to address climate change with political leaders, advocacy groups, and the media.


B.A. (2005): University of Kansas
M.S.  (2009): The Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D. (2012): The Pennsylvania State University

Selected Publications:

Bloodhart, B., Swim, J. K., & Zawadzki, M. J. (in press). Spreading the eco-message: Using proactive coping to aid eco-rep behavior change programming.  Sustainability: Special Issue on Psychological and Behavioral Aspects of Sustainability.

Swim, J. K. & Bloodhart, B. (2013). Admonishment and praise: Interpersonal mechanisms for promoting pro-environmental behavior.  Ecopsychology: Special Section on Confronting Unsustainable Behaviors, 5, 23-35.

Swim, J. K., Markowitz, E. M. & Bloodhart, B. (2012).  Psychology and climate change:  Beliefs, impacts, and human contributions. In S. Clayton (Ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Environmental and Conservation Psychology.  Oxford, UK:  Oxford University Press.

Swim, J.K., & Bloodhart, B. (under review). Portrayal of animals harmed by climate change: Motivational qualities and behavioral implications.

Bloodhart, B. & Swim, J. K. (2010).  Equality, harmony, and the environment: An ecofeminist approach to understanding the role of cultural values on the treatment of women and nature. Ecopsychology, 2, 187-194.

Vescio, T. K., & Bloodhart, B. (2010). Discrimination. In J. Levine and M. Hogg (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Group Processes and Intergroup Relations. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Vescio, T. K., Gervais, S. J., Heiphez, L. & Bloodhart, B. (2009).  The stereotypic behaviors of the powerful and their effect on the relatively powerless. In Todd D. Nelson (Ed.), Handbook of Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Discrimination (247-261). New York: Psychology Press.