Affiliate Researcher

Assistant Professor / Richard D'Aquin - BORSF Endowed Professor
Department of Communication
University of Louisiana


Kim is head of organizational communication major, which combines interpersonal, intercultural, health, rhetorical communication with organizational communication, in the department of communication at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  He was appointed as an endowed professor since 2011 and has been named as Richard D'Aquin - BORSF professor of communication and journalism. He has made extensive effort to connect knowledge and practice and served as a member of board of director, advisory board, and volunteer for many governmental agencies, business firms, and not-for-profit organizations. He is also president as well as founder of Acadiana Community Education Center ( that aims to provide educationally underserved population with diverse academic/practical course.

His research interest includes diffusion of information and innovations, climate change communication, public health intervention design and evaluation, and communicative social change. Based on his knowledge and interest in these fields, Kim works with many domestic and international scholars, practitioners, and organizations. Due to his teaching excellence and open-minded advising for students, he has received several awards and recognition which include the best advisor of the year and outstanding faculty award.

Kim joined the Center for Climate Change Communication since 2007 when 4C first opened its door to the world.


BA, Economics, Korea University, South Korea

BA, Political Science, Korea University, South Korea

MA, Political Science, Ohio University

MA, Communication, Ohio University

PhD, Communication, Ohio University

Selected Publications:

Kim, D-K., Singhal, A., & Kreps, G. (2013). Global health communication strategies in the 21st century.New York, NY: Peter Lang.

Kim, D-K., & Kim, M-S. (eds.) (2011). Hallyu: Influence of Korean popular culture in Asia and beyond.Seoul National University Press.

Kim, D-K, Dinu, L., & Chung, W-J. (2013). Can online edu-games replace textbooks?: A test of factors affecting the diffusion of online edu-games in primary education. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education.

Kim, D-K., Chikombero, M., & Moroka, T. (2013). Innate health threat among a visibly hidden immigrant group: Field data analysis for HIV/AIDS prevention among Zimbabwean workers in Botswana. Journal of Health Communication.