Research Team
Research Team
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Science & Policy
George Mason University
Visiting Scientist
Caribbean Green Technology Center
University of the Virgin Islands,
St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands
Enrico Wensing completed his PhD in 2012 with the support of a Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) and continues his research through further funding from NSF (EAGER 2013-2015) on a full-time basis.  He is developing the Sustainable Futures Protocol (SFP), which is a research-based collaborative learning program that seeks to define, test, and develop the optimum social competencies and collaborative dynamics for equitable participation in initiatives for generating sustainable communities worldwide. His SFP research targets community leadership development to optimize the efficacy and validity of multilateral cross-boundary communication, negotiation, and collaboration for sustainability.
His cross-cultural research is currently taking him to field sites in the Arctic, Caribbean, Europe and North America. He is researching and assisting in the development of boundary organizations such as the Caribbean Green Technology Center (Est. 2011) that seek to bridge scientific knowledge and technology for sustainable development into implementation by local communities to promote their sustainable development. He is scheduled to become adjunct faculty and conduct research at the Center for Global Health at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.
BSc (‘85) Biology & Biochemistry, University of Toronto
MSc (‘92) Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto
DDS (‘92) University of Toronto
PhD (’12) Psychology & Sustainability, Saybrook Graduate School, California
Selected Publications:
Wensing, E., Hurth, V., & Virgo, M. (2014). Collaborative Social Research and Leadership Development for Sustainability. Manuscript Submitted to Journal of Cleaner Production for special issue “Systematic Leadership Toward Sustainability.”
Wensing, E., Hurth, V., & Virgo, M. (2014). The Global Sustainability Inventory: Toward a Quantitative Measure of the Optimum Psychological Competencies for Sustainability Leadership. Manuscript in Preparation.
Wensing, E., Doubleday, N., & Hurth, V. (2014). The Role of Identity Discourse and Value Inquiry in Boundary Organization Collaboration for Sustainability: Guiding Insights from Arctic Communities. Manuscript in Preparation.
Archibald, W., Fleming, K., Peter N. Jones, P.N., Hogroian, J.K., Pascal, K.Q., & Wensing, E. (2014). Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Alternative Energy Perspectives in U.S. Virgin Islands: The First Public Survey in the Caribbean. Manuscript Submitted to journal Geoforum for special issue “Climate Justice and the Caribbean.”
Wensing, E. & Archibald, W. (September 2013). Abstract/Paper presentation with Wayne Archibald, Director, CGTC University of the Virgin Islands entitled Key Competencies for Collaboration Between Engineers, University Students and their Communities for Sustainable Development in the Caribbean: A Psychological and Sociocultural Perspective. Conference: Rethinking the Engineer, EESD13. Cambridge University, UK (September 2013). (
Wensing, E. (June 2013) Toward Optimum Collaborative Group Dynamics for Decision Making for Sustainability: Key Competencies of Participants and Key Group Characteristics” Conference: Group Decision and Negotiation - GDN2013, Stockholm University. Extended abstract published in conference proceedings. (
Wensing, E. (April 2013). A Continuation and Expansion of an Arctic Human Dimensions Observing System: A Further Comparative Analysis of Social Science Research. White paper Published in Conference Proceedings. Arctic Observation Summit, Vancouver, Canada. (
Wensing, E. (2012). A social science research protocol for the assessment and development of community leaders for sustainability and sustainable communities. Proquest Publication 3541444. Saybrook Graduate School, CA. Chair: Jeannie Achterberg Ph.D. (d. 2012).