Affiliate Researcher

Assistant Professor
School of Communication
Ohio State University


Erik C. Nisbet obtained a Ph.D. in communication from Cornell University and is an assistant professor of strategic communication in the School of Communication at the Ohio State University. While at Cornell University he was the senior research associate at the Cornell University Survey Research Institute and managed SRI's national and state polling programs. Prior to graduate school at Cornell, Erik worked for seven years in strategic marketing and market research. His research interests center on the dynamics of political psychology, political communication and public opinion, especially on the topics of science and environmental policy, foreign policy, and international conflict. Currently, Erik is working on a project examining how strategic message frames may influence policy preferences about global climate change.


BA (1998), Political Science, Cornell University
MS (2006), Communication, Cornell University
PhD (2008), Communication, Cornell University

Selected Publications:

Hart, P.S., Nisbet, E. C., and Shanahan, J. (forthcoming). Environmental values and the social amplification of risk: An examinatuion of how environmental values and media use influence predipositions for public engagement in wildlife management decision making. Society and Natural Resources.

Nisbet, E.C. (2008). Media use, democratic citizenship, and communication gaps in a developing democracy. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 20, (4), 454-482.

Nisbet, E. C. and Shanahan, J. (2008). anti-Americanism as a communication problem? Foreign media and public opinion toward the United States in Europe and the Middle East. American Journal of Media Psychology, 1(1), 7-35.

Scheufele, D.A., Hardy, B., Brossard, D., Waisel-Manor, I.S., Nisbet, E.C. (2006) Democracy based on difference: examining the links between structural heterogeneity, heterogeneity of discussion networks, and democratic citizenship. Journal of Communication, 56(4), 728-753.

Nisbet E.C. (2006). The engagement model of opinion leadership: testing validity within a European Context. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 18 (6), 3-30.

Scheufele, D.A., Nisbet, M. C., Brossard, D., & Nisbet, E. C. (2004). Social structure and citizenship: examining the impacts of social setting, network heterogeneity and informational variables on political participation. Political Communication, 21(3), 315-338.

Nisbet, E.C., Nisbet, M.C., Scheufele, D.A., & Shanahan, J. (2004). Public diplomacy, television news, and Muslim opinion. The Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics, 9(2), 11-37.

Curriculum Vitae: