Affiliate Researcher

Assistant Professor
School of Public Policy
Oregon State University


Hilary Boudet is an Assistant Professor of Climate Change and Energy in the School of Public Policy at Oregon State University. She was a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Stanford Prevention Research Center in the Stanford University School of Medicine, where she managed a community-based intervention with 30 Northern California Junior Girl Scout troops aimed at reducing household energy use. Her research interests include environmental and energy policy, social movements, and public participation in energy and environmental decision making. In 2010, she completed her dissertation in Stanford’s Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources on the factors and processes shaping community mobilization around proposals for liquefied natural gas facilities. Prior to Stanford, Hilary worked for three years as a senior project engineer in the environment and regulatory group at the ExxonMobil Development Company. She holds a BA in Environmental Engineering and Political Science from Rice University.

She has been working with the Center on questions related to climate change perceptions and experience of extreme weather events, as well as public acceptance of hydraulic fracturing.


BA (’01), Environmental Engineering and Political Science, Rice University
PhD (’10), Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources, Stanford University

Selected Publications:

McAdam, D. and H.S. Boudet (2012). Putting social movements in their place: Explaining opposition to energy projects in the United States, 2000-2005. Cambridge University Press.

Wright, R. L. and H.S. Boudet (in press). Through rose-colored glasses: Community context and response to proposals for energy facilities. American Journal of Sociology.

Boudet, H.S. (2011). From NIMBY to NIABY: Regional mobilization against liquefied natural gas facility siting in the U.S. Environmental Politics 20(6): 786-806.

Boudet, H.S. and L. Ortolano (2010). A tale of two sitings: Contentious politics in liquefied natural gas facility siting in California. Journal of Planning Education and Research 30(1): 5-21. ** Winner of 2012 Chester Rapkin Award for best article **

Boudet, H.S., D. Jayasundera and J. Davis (2011). Drivers of conflict in global infrastructure projects.Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 137(7): 498-511.

McAdam, D., H.S. Boudet, J. Davis, R. J. Orr, W. R. Scott, and R. Levitt (2010). ‘Site fights’: Explaining opposition to pipeline projects in the developing world. Sociological Forum 25(3): 410-427. Reprinted in Global Projects: Institutional and Political Challenges. Ed. W. R. Scott, R. J. Orr and R. E. Levitt. Cambridge University Press (2011).