Jenell is a first year doctoral student in environmental science and public policy and is a graduate research assistant for 4C.  Her general research interests stem from her interest and enthusiasm for both environmental and climate science as well as improving the communication between scientists, government entities, the media and the public. She intends to combine her science and policy education in conjunction with more targeted and advanced doctoral level studies to investigate and articulate more effective mechanisms for the effective dissemination of the scientific basis for identifying the anthropogenic component of global climate change and how actions at many levels must be taken to both mitigate and plan for the consequences.  Through past experiences she has grown to appreciate more and strongly feel that participation and communication within the process of translating environmental science and policy into action is extremely important.  She aspires to continue down the path of becoming a more significant and beneficial part of that process and to become a strong facilitator of the effective translation of science and policy into meaningful action, which is supported through communication that is based on the objective rigors of peer reviewed scientific findings.

As a graduate research assistant, Jenell is currently engaged in various activities supporting the development and operation within the Climate Communication Consortium of Maryland (CCCoM) project.  This effort is centered on public engagement research used to foster a state wide, collective response to plan for and mitigate climate change.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Jenell attended Marist College where she double majored in Environmental Science and Environmental Policy and minored in Mathematics. Additionally, she obtained a Master’s degree in Earth Systems Science at GMU after studying the environmental impacts of wind farms using remote sensing techniques and analysis and published a complementary peer reviewed journal article based on her thesis findings.


MS (’12) Earth Systems Science, George Mason University
BS (’10) Environmental Science & Environmental Policy, Marist College

Selected Publications:

Walsh-Thomas, J.M., G. Cervone, G. Manca, and P. Agouris. (2012). Further evidence of impacts of large-scale wind farms on land surface temperature. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 16(8) 6432-6437.