Research Team

Associate Professor
Department of Environmental Science & Policy
George Mason University


Susan Crate brings an inherently interdisciplinary social science teaching and research agenda to our center, focusing on the theoretical frames of human, cultural & political ecology, and environmental and cognitive anthropology. She has conducted research across southeastern Siberia since 1988 and worked with Viliui Sakha communities of western Sakha, northeast Siberia, Russia, since 1991. For her PhD research, she focused on the cultural ecology of native post-Soviet adaptation in sub-arctic, Siberia, Russia. In 2006 she published a monograph that integrates many of her research foci entitled Cows, Kin and Globalization: The Ethnography of Sustainability. Since joining Mason in 2004, Susan maintains a strong teaching and research agenda in the circumpolar north and has also begun developing a research agenda in the metropolitan DC area, beginning with the project, "Development of a spatially explicit participatory model to explore anthropogenic on-site threats on rare aquatic resources of the Potomac Gorge."


BA (’83), Environmental Studies, Warren Wilson College
MA (’94), Folklore, University of North Carolina
PhD (’02), Ecology, University of North Carolina

Selected Publications:

Crate, S. A. (2008). "Eating hay": The ecology, economy and culture of Viliui Sakha smallholders of Northeastern Siberia. Human Ecology, 36(2), 161-174.

Crate, S. A. (2008). Walking behind the old woman: Sacred Sakha cow knowledge in the 21st century.Human Ecology Review, 15(2).

Crate, S. A. (2006). Cows, Kin and Globalization: An Ethnography of Sustainability. Walnut Creek: Alta Mira Press.

Curriculum Vitae: