Research Team
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication
George Mason University

Xiaoquan Zhao's research interests include message effects, public health campaign evaluation, media content analysis, and information processing. Xiaoquan has extensive experience in message testing; he has conducted many controlled experiments assessing the effectiveness of anti-drug messages used in large-scale campaigns, such as the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign. His recent research focuses on message evaluation for climate change communication efforts, audience reactions to news reports on climate change, and patterns of climate change news coverage in China. Xiaoquan received his PhD at the Annenburg School of Communication at University of Pennsylvania and master's degrees from Indiana University and Beijing University, China.

BA ('93), English Literature, Shaanxi Normal University, China
MA ('96), Linguistics, Beijing University, China
MA ('01), Mass Communication, Indiana University
PhD ('05), Communication, University of Pennsylvania

Selected Publications:
Zhao, X. (2009). Media use and global warming perceptions: A snapshot of the reinforcing spirals. Communication Research, 36(5), 698-723.

Cai, X., Zhao, X., & Carey, G. (2009). Altruism and kid's perceptions of global warming. International Journal of Sustainability Communication, 4, 5-22.

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Zhao, X., Sayeed, S., Cappella, J., Hornik, R., Fishbein, M. & Ahern, R. K. (2006). Targeting norm-related beliefs about marijuana use in an adolescent population. Health Communication, 19(3), 187-196.

Lang, A., Chung, Y. Lee, S. & Zhao, X. (2005). It's the product: Do risky products compel attention and elicit arousal in media users? Health Communication, 17(3), 283-300.

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