Public Health, Energy & Climate Change: A Maryland Statewide Survey, Fall 2016

Oct 5, 2016 | All Categories, Reports

Many Marylanders already currently deal with chronic health issues and prolonged periods of stress. Millennials report being under the most stress of any generation. Thirty-six percent of Millennials say they have experienced more than one period of prolonged stress and 20 percent were under constant stress over the last year. Climate change presents additional health concerns. Eight in ten Marylanders say that climate change poses a risk to their personal health and well-being. Moreover, overwhelming majorities of Marylanders report feeling that their personal health and wellness are at least at minor risk because of climate-related conditions: air pollution, extreme heat, severe storms, polluted drinking water or local bodies of water, food- or insect-borne illnesses, flooding, and sea level rise. Download the Report Here.

This report is one of three released from a 2016 statewide survey conducted with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and PSRAI on climate change, energy and transportation, and public health.