Climate Change in the American Mind: March 2016

Since spring 2015, the number of Americans who think global warming is happening has increased by seven percent.  70% now say it’s happening.  This figure nearly matches the highest level we’ve measured (71%) since we began conducting our surveys in November 2008. Worry about global warming is also on the rise, with a larger majority (now at 58%) saying they are “somewhat” or “very” worried about the issue. The increase is driven by a five percent uptick since last spring in people who now say they are “very worried” about global warming. Americans increasingly view global warming as a threat. Since last spring, more Americans think it will harm people in developing countries (63%, +10 points), people in the U.S. (59%, +10 points), future generations (70%, +7 points), and themselves personally (41%, +5 points). A record high 38% of Americans think people in the U.S. are being harmed “right now” (+6 points). Download the Report Here.


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