Nicholas Badullovich

Research-to-Practice Postdoctoral Fellow

Nic Badullovich is a Research-to-Practice Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Climate Change Communication. His research centers on climate change communication which involves understanding prevailing public opinion, support for policy measures, and investigating pathways to enable productive engagement on the issue of climate change. He utilizes both qualitative and quantitative methods – through cross-sectional surveys and experiments – and has a particular interest in how different frames can promote productive engagement on climate change.

Selected Publications

Badullovich, N., Grant W. J., and Colvin, R. M. “Framing Climate Change for Effective Communication: A Systematic Map.” Environmental Research Letters 15, no. 12 (2020).

Badullovich, N. “From Influencing to Engagement: A Framing Model for Climate Communication in Polarised Settings”. Environmental Politics (2022).

Duggan, J., Haddaway, N. R., and Badullovich, N. “Climate emotions: it is okay to feel the way you do”. The Lancet Planetary Health 5, no. 12 (2021).