NPS Internship Program

National Park Service Climate Communication Internship Program

This paid summer internship program was initiated in 2012 by the National Park Service National Capitol Region Urban Ecology Research Learning Alliance (UERLA) and George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication (4C). The internship program is designed to create opportunities for students of diverse academic and personal backgrounds to gain skills and experience in the synthesis, interpretation, and development of science communication products while increasing knowledge about climate change and its effects on parks.

Over eight weeks, we mentor undergraduate and graduate interns in National Capital Region national parks while they develop materials and programs that communicate the impact of climate change on natural, cultural, historical, and recreational resources in the parks. Our interns have developed a variety of products ranging from park ranger communication toolkits to park-specific webpages.

Applying for the Internship

The application period for the paid 4C/NPS Climate Change Communication Internship Program for Summer 2021 is CLOSED.

We accept applications from upper-level undergraduate and graduate students from all U.S.-accredited institutions.

We are looking for individuals with diverse backgrounds to form a natural science, social science, and multimedia interdisciplinary team.

Click here to read the general internship announcement, and on these links for the internships specializing in graphic design and videography.

The 2021 Project Manager is doctoral student Eryn Campbell. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact her at [email protected]

Meet Our Past Interns


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UERLA is a Research Learning Center that translates complex research results into readily understandable information—supporting research, education, and technical assistance for 16 parks in the National Capital Region. The center provides science communication outreach to park managers and external audiences via websites, workshops, and publications. UERLA also maintains research and education partnerships with universities, not-for- profit, education, and other federal agencies. Education activities provided by UERLA include training opportunities for NPS staff and partners, participating in science education programs, and building external partnerships that support science education in parks.

George Mason University’s 4C conducts unbiased public engagement research – and help government agencies, associations, and companies apply the results of social science research – so that collectively, we can stabilize our planet’s life sustaining climate and prevent harm from climate change. The George Mason University Principal Investigator is Dr. Edward Maibach.