Global Warming’s Six Americas, September 2012

Sep 1, 2012 | All Categories, Climate Change in the American Mind, Reports, Six Americas

In 2008, using nationally representative survey data on global warming beliefs, behaviors and policy preferences in the United States, we identified six distinct groups of Americans – “Global Warming’s Six Americas.” Since then, we have tracked the size of these six audiences – and the ongoing evolution of their beliefs, behaviors and policy preferences – through a series of national surveys. We observed a sharp decline in public engagement from the fall of 2008 to January 2010, and a gradual rebound starting in June 2010. In our most recent survey in September 2012, we found that the rebound in public engagement has continued: the Alarmed, Concerned and Cautious audience segments once again comprise 70 percent of the American public, as they did in the fall of 2008. Moreover, there was both significant growth in the size of the Alarmed and decline in the size of the Dismissive between the spring and fall of 2012… Download the Report Here.

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