5. Who is Responsible for Action on Global Warming?

Jul 6, 2022 | All Categories

Politics & Global Warming, April 2022

5.1. Two in three registered voters want corporations and industry to do more to address global warming. Most also want more action from citizens and government.

A majority of registered voters say corporations and industry should do “much more” or “more” to address global warming (68% of registered voters; including 94% of liberal Democrats, 77% of moderate/conservative Democrats, 60% of liberal/moderate Republicans, and 38% of conservative Republicans).

Half or more registered voters, including large majorities of both liberal and moderate/conservative Democrats, say citizens themselves (61%), the Republican Party (58%), the U.S. Congress (57%), their local government officials (55%), their governor (53%), the Democratic Party (53%), and President Biden (51%) should do more.

Forty-six percent of liberal/moderate Republicans say their party (the Republican Party) should do more to address global warming, while only 20% of conservative Republicans say so. Large majorities of both liberal Democrats (85%) and moderate/conservative Democrats (68%) say their party (the Democratic Party) should do more.


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